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Configure General Options

Configure General Options

General Options

To configure the Policies - General Options go to Administration -> Modules -> Policies -> Configuration.

1. Select General Options. The following view will be presented:

Policies module general configuration screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Policy Review Duration

Define a period that a new policy may be open for consultation.

Minimum days between ratification and review

Enter an appropriate value.

User Acceptance Timescale

Enter the number of days from ratification that a user has to accept a policy.

Default next review date

Enter an appropriate value.


Define the acceptance statement presented to users.

Policy Review Email

Create the body of the email inviting users to review the policy.

Ratification Email

Create the body of the email inviting users to ratify the policy

Accountable Director Email

Create the body of the email inviting an accountable director to accept the policy.

Policy Approvers Email

Create the body of the email inviting users to approve the policy.

Management Report Email

Create the body of the email contain advising users of the availability of reporting.

Overdue Policy Reminder Email

Create the body of the email reminding users of an overview policy.

User Policy Status Report Email

Create the body of the email containing user acceptance reporting.

Policy Page URL

Enter the URL of the policies page

Note: users may be presented with a link to this page during the life cycle of a policy.

Custom Field Required

The custom field is an additional label contained within the email to the accountable director. Check if required.

Custom Field Label

Enter an appropriate label for the custom field.

Legislation Defined Per Policy

Policies detail related legislation. If required check to add legislation details on a per policy basis.

Preamble Form Defined Per Policy

The preamble is an introduction to the policy. if required, check to define preamble forms on a per policy basis.

Affirmation and Email Text Defined Per Policy

Check if required.

Skip comments/discussion stage

Check if required.

Skip Ratification Stage

Check if required.

Skip Accountable Director Stage

Check if required.

Disable Policy Approvers

Check if required.

Disable Referral Functionality

Referrals allow user to defer accepting a policy. For instance, if the required equipment is not available Check if required.

Enable Team Leaders

if required, Team Leaders may be identified as part of the reporting process.

3. Click Save.

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