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Adding Polls to Pages

Adding Polls to Pages

Poll Element   

1. Drag and drop the Poll element to the appropriate location on the page or template.

Polling Module Icon

2. Configure the element, the following view will be presented:

Polling Element Configuration

3. Edit/configure:

Poll Type

Single Poll - a simple poll, showing just a single poll selected from a list

Poll Schedule - displays a series of polls based on a schedule that you have set up. See Manage Poll Scheduling


Select a Poll from the list of Active Polls

Note: this item will not be displayed if you have selected Poll Schedule

Poll Schedule

Select a Poll Schedule from the list of Poll Schedules

Note: this item will not be displayed if you have selected Single Poll


Enter the title you would like to be displayed above the poll. You can leave this blank.


Select the style to be applied to this poll. This is only applicable if you have multiple styles configured to present polls with different visual schemes.

Show Poll Description

Tick this option if you would like the description that was entered in the Poll Details to appear on the page. This is often used to provide more detail for a poll if you need to provide some background to the question being asked.

Display Results Page Link

Tick this option if you would like to provide a link to the results page. This allows the visitor to view the current results of the poll without having to vote.

Allow Multiple Voting

Tick this option if you would like to allow visitors to vote more than once on this poll.

If you leave this option unticked, i.e. only allowing one vote per visitor, when a visitor returns to the page at a later date after previously voting, they will immediately be presented with the results rather than the option to vote.

Note: the status of a visitor is recorded using a browser cookie. Should the visitor use a different browser, a different computer or delete their cookies it would be possible for an individual to vote multiple times even if this option is not ticked.

Show Number of Votes

Tick this option if you would like to show the number of votes cast when the results are displayed.

Note: the percentage spilt of votes is always shown but you do not have to show the visitor the actual number of votes cast


An example of a poll that includes the description and a results link is illustrated here:

Polling Question Page

After voting, the visitor is presented with the current results as shown below:


Polling Results Screen
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