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Manage Poll Scheduling

Manage Poll Scheduling

Poll Scheduling allows you to add a series of Polls to a page, allow them to change automatically on given dates without any direct editing of those pages on the change over dates. This would be useful if you want to run weekly or monthly polls and keep visitor interest on your site.

In order to create and manage scheduled polls you must create the individual polls in advance of the creation and managing of the Poll Scheduling. It is possible to add more Polls to a schedule at a later date. 

Creating a New Poll Schedule 

1. Go to Administration -> Modules -> Polling -> Manage Poll Scheduling: 

Manage Polls

2. Click Manage Poll Scheduling:

Manage Poll Scheduling

3. Click on the option Create a new Schedule. This will present the following:

Add Poll Schedule

4. Edit/Configure:

Schedule Name

Enter an appropriate identifier for the schedule.

Schedule Description

Enter an appropriate description for the Poll

Note: this description is not displayed publicly.


Check to make the schedule active.

Note: a Polling schedule can not be added to a page until it is active.

Adding a Poll to a Schedule

1. Click Add Item to Schedule. The following view will be presented:

Add Poll Schedule Item

2. Edit/configure


Select the appropriate poll.

Note: only active polls will be shown in the list.

Start/End Date

Select an appropriate start and end date for the individual poll, and then select Save.

Repeat as required.

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