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ProMotion Fader View

Fader View


The Fader view creates a paginated list which scrolls automatically.

1.  Select the Fader view option. The following view will be presented.

ProMotion Module Element Configuration Fader View Categories Screenshot

2.  Edit/Configure:


Select Fader.

Maximum number of items     

Enter an appropriate number.

Randomise Articles               

Click to override any other order settings and display a random selection of articles.


If required, enter an appropriate heading for the list.

Show images                         

If required, check to display the image nearest the top left of the page.

Image size                         

Select an appropriate option

Use Page Avatar                

Check if required.

Note: to associate an avatar with a page go to draft > details > advanced.

Show summary                   

Check if required.

Summary limit                    

If required, enter an appropriate character limit.

Auto cycle (seconds)           

Enter an appropriate time for each page to be displayed.

Display no results message    

If required check to display a custom no result message.

Note: if this option is selected, enter a message in the ‘No results message’ field.

Open links in new window    

Check if required.


Select an appropriate style.

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