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Displaying the Vacancy List on a Page

Displaying the Vacancy List on a Page


Vacancy element

Drag and Drop the ‘Vacancies’ element into the appropriate location on the page or template:


1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide vacancies screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


From the drop-down list select the vacancy list to be displayed on the web page.


Select all categories or a single category to display only those vacancies in that category or all categories to display all vacancies in that vacancy list.            

Submit Form        

If appropriate select a form via which the user can apply for the role.

Note: If a form is not selected user will be able to view the vacancy details, but not apply for the position..

Submit Button Text        

Enter an appropriate label for the submit button.

Note: the default text is Submit CV.

Show Search Options/Show All Records and Search Options     

Select the appropriate option.

Note Show All Records displays a list of vacancies, which is truncated as the user searches.

Allow A-Z filtering of records 

If required, check to display the optional A-Z Show All links.

Show Advance Search Fields         

If required, check to expose dedicate search fields Reference Number, Vacancy Title, Contract, Duration Type and Location.

Show Category Selector     

If appropriate, check to display a drop-down list of categories associated with the vacancy list.

Show Expired Vacancies     

If required, check to display Vacancies past the closing date.

Show Descriptions in Vacancy List  

If required, check to display the Vacancy Description.

External Recipients              

Define recipients for a notification of application email. Enter an external email address

HTML External Emails      

Check if required.

Add Internal Recipients        

Click Add Internal Recipients to select from a list of Easysite users. These users will receive notification of the application

Email Message Title                

Enter text that will appear as the message subject in the email sent to the recipient(s) when a user submits an application.   

Email Confirmation Message       

Enter a message for the recipient that will appear in the main body of the email

Send Copy of Application to Applicant 

Check if required.

Note: if this option is select the following fields are presented:

Email Options - by default the notification is sent to the first email address field in the form, alternatively the notification may be sent to all email addresses captured.

 Enter an appropriate title and body text for the applicant email, e.g. a thank you / confirmation message


Enter an appropriate message, which will be displayed after submitting the form.

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