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You Tube Video Source

You Tube Video Source

Video Sources

To configure the YouTube Video source go to Administration -> Modules -> Video Feeds.

1. Select the You Tube Video Source. The following view will be presented:

Video Feeds modules Viddler Video Source screenshot

2. Click add. The following view will be presented:

Video Feeds Module Add You Tube Feed screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Feed name

Enter an appropriate name for the feed.

YouTube User Id

Enter the appropriate value.


When creating a YouTube channel, the channel administrator may create 'tags' which can be associated with video, for example 'Drama' or 'Comedy'. If required enter appropriate tag(s) in order to restrict the feed to content associated with the tag(s).

Max items

Enter the appropriate value.

Order by

Select the appropriate option.

Override click location

If required enter a location for selected videos to be displayed.

Note: leaving this field blank will redirect the user to the source website for the video. 

4. Click Save.