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Manage Cookie Consent

Manage Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent plugin will be installed up to and including the Easysite 6.5.0 release although the module will be automatically installed as part of a service update to Easysite 6.5.1+. For details regarding the full module please see the Cookie Consent Module help article.

Note: the Cookie Consent Plugin allows an end user to state that they accept Cookies. However, non-consent does not result in Cookies being blocked.

Manage Cookie Consent Plugin

To configure the Cookie Consent plugin go to Easysite Administration -> Plugins -> Cookie Consent. The following view will be presented: 

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Managing Cookie Consent


1. Edit/configure:


Select this option to turn the Cookie Consent Plugin on and allow the banner and message to display.

Include in Branding Web Service

Check this option if required. 

Note: that enabling this option will allow the Cookie Consent functionality to work with the Easysite Look and Feel Branding Service which can be used on a separate none Easysite installation. The banner will not display on the branded site unless this option is enabled. 


Enter an appropriate title for the Cookie Consent Message


Enter an appropriate message for display when a user visits the site.

Acceptance Statement

Enter the statement to be presented with the accept check box.

Acceptance Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the acceptance button. This button is presented below the acceptance statement and check box.

Default State

Select the appropriate option to define whether the check box will be enabled or disabled on first render. 

Validation Message

Enter an appropriate validation message. This message is presented if the user clicks the acceptance button without checking to accept cookies.

Page for Non-Java Script Users

Click change to select an appropriate page.


if appropriate, insert custom CSS.

Note: If left blank basic default styling will be applied.

2. Click Save Settings.

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