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Expected behaviours

The search cache is rebuilt every 24 hours, usually just after midnight. This means that new additions to the site will not appear in the search results until the next day.

To view the details of the last rebuild, go to Administration -> System -> Search -> Search Settings. This view displays the time and date of the last rebuild, together with the approximate duration.

Note: it is possible manually re-index the search, via the Re-index Pages. However, it is recommended that this action is not undertaken when the site is busy, as it make take some time for the full search results list to be rebuilt.

What is searched? 

The Easysite search will search all enabled search items. This typically includes pages, assets and modules. The search items view shows the items currently being searched.

Note: Other settings may influence the results of this search. For example, pages can be hidden from the search. In addition, the search results are also affected by permissions - a document in an asset category which has not been granted an everyone read permission will not be returned in a search undertaken by an anonymous user.

Performing a Search


Wildcards may be used as in a search query. However, these can only be used to perform prefix searches, for example test* may be used, but not *test.

Ignored words 

The Microsoft SQL server is configured to ignore certain words and characters. This ignored words list typically includes single characters as well as generic words "such" and "the". In addition, if the search string contains single alphanumeric or non text characters these will be ignored. This may have an impact if end users wish to search for items such as product or course codes.


Search allows System Users to manage the site search.

Note: the privilege Manage Search Options is required.

The following options are available:

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