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Add New Site

Add New Site

Basic site properties

To add a new site go to Administration -> System -> Sites.

1. Click Add New Site. The following view will be presented: 

Sites add new site screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Site Name

Enter an appropriate name for the site.


Enter an appropriate description for the site.

Is mobile site

Check if required.

For site

Select the appropriate option.

Primary Host Name

Enter an appropriate name.

Administrator Username

Create an appropriate username for the initial administration account.

Note: this account can then be used to configure the site and add additional users.

Account Description

Enter an appropriate description for the account.


Enter an appropriate password for the administration account.

Minimum/maximum keyword density

Enter appropriate values for the Readability checker.

Bad Phrases for Hyperlinks

Enter appropriate phrases. These phrases will be identified by the Readability checker.

Note: the site must also be added to IIS. Installations hosted by EIBS please log a Service Request. For other hosting platforms please contact your hosting provider.

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