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Installed styles

To view installed styles go to Administration -> System -> Styles. The following view will be presented:

System installed styles screenshot

Available Styles

To install a style click the appropriate folder name. The following view will be presented:

Systems install style screenshot

1. Edit/configure:

Style Name

Enter an appropriate name for the style.

Style Alias

Enter an appropriate alias for the style.

Style Description

Enter an appropriate description for the style.

Low Graphics Style

if required, check to indicate if the style is a low graphics style.

Inherited from

Select the appropriate option.

Associated Low Graphics Style

Select the appropriate option.

Note: the main style for the site should be set as 'None (will pick up Easysite default style for missing element)'.

Associated Kiosk Style  

Select the appropriate option.

Plugin associated with style

Select the appropriate option.

2. Click Save and Install.

3. if required, click Apply this style to all pages in the current site.

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