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Edit user

To configure advanced settings for a user account go to Users and Groups -> Users.

1. Select the appropriate user and click advanced. The following view will be presented: 

Users and groups advanced settings screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


If required enter an appropriate expiry date for the account.

Default Page Variant

If variants have been created select the default variant to be displayed for the user.

Preferred Language

If languages have been implemented, select the preferred language.

Preferred Region

If regions have been implemented, select the preferred region.

Personal Homepage

If required select a personal homepage. The user will be redirected to this page upon successful login.

Note: this option If User has a Personal Homepage, Go There also need to enabled in the Login element configuration.

Allow User to be Impersonated

Check if required.

Impersonate User

If required, select the appropriate option.

Grant Webservice Access

Check if required.

Associated IP address

If required, select an appropriate IP address.

Associated User Agents

If required select the appropriate user agent(s).


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