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The General tab exposes the details of the page:

page authoring edit general simple view screenshot

1. Edit the details as required.


Selecting Advanced exposes the following options:

Page authoring edit general advanced screenshot

1. Edit/configure

Page Avatar

Click Browse to select an appropriate image from the asset manager.

Note: the avatar does not appears on the page, but may be exposed via an element such a Page Lister or ProMotion.

Hide in Navigation

Check if required.

Note: hiding a page from navigation also removes it from the Site Map. The Hide in Navigation setting will be inherited from the parent or sibling the page is created from.

Hide in Search

Check if required.

Note: The Hide in Search setting will be inherited from the parent or sibling the page is created from.

Show Navigation Menu

Select the appropriate option.

Force Navigation Menu on Child Pages

Check if required.


This option displays the template the page is currently associated with. Click Change to select an alternate template. The following view will be presented:

Page authoring content general advanced select template screenshot

Click the appropriate template and click Select.

Note: Exact Matches contain the same elements as the page. Close Matches contain the same elements plus others.

Note: for information on associating groups of pages with an alternate template, see  Reconcile Pages with Templates.

Featured Item

If required, check to promote the page to top of the search results page. 

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