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Formatting Written Content

Formatting Written Content on a Page

Written content may be typed or pasted into a Content Editor element.

Remove Formatting From Block

To remove any unwanted formatting highlight a selection of text and click Remove Formatting From Block:

Page authoring remove formatting from block icon

Applying Formatting to Written Content

Once appropriate written content has been added to a page it may be formatted as required:

Page authoring formatting options screenshot

1. Edit/configure:

Highlight the relevant text and select the appropriate formatting option.


This option is used for applied header tag to text. These tag should be structured in a logical order to meet accessibility and S.E.O. requirements.

Insert Symbol

This option allows additional characters to be added to the page.

Insert Semantic Tag

This option allows a descriptive label to be added to a piece of text:

Page authoring insert semantic tag screenshot

Note: select the element type, and enter text.

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