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Insert Table

Insert Table

An existing table or section of a spreadsheet may be copied and pasted directly into an Easysite content editor. Alternatively, a new table may be created.

Insert table

1. To create a new table select Insert Table:

Page authoring insert table icon

The following view will be presented:

Page authoring insert table screenshot

2. Edit/Configure



Enter an appropriate number of rows for the table.


Enter an appropriate number of columns for the table.


By default the table is autosized to fit the content. Alternatively, uncheck this option and enter a manual size for the table.

Cell Padding

Enter an appropriate value.

Cell Spacing

Enter an appropriate value.


Apply to

Select the appropriate option, and format as required.


Header Cells

By default the table contains header cells - the top row of the table.

Footer Cells

Check if required.


Enter an appropriate description of the table content.

Note: the summary is read out by screen reading software.


Enter an appropriate title for the table

3. Click Apply.

4. If required, click the outside border of table to expose handles which will allow the table to be resized.

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