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Permissions control access to pages for Easysite groups. There are two permissions:

  • Read permission allows members of a group to navigate to a page and view the content.

  • Write permission allows member of a group to edit the page.

Permissions on this page

To view the permissions applying to page go to Properties -> Permissions. The following view will be presented:

Page authoring permissions screenshot

Adding Groups

1. From the Filter Groups dropdown select Unassigned. The following view will be presented:

Page authoring permissions filter groups unassigned screenshot

2. Check to assign the appropriate read and write permission and click update.

Note: the everyone group refers to users not logged into the site. If the page is not to be accessed by the public, do not assign an 'everyone' read permission.

Removing Groups

To remove access from a page uncheck the appropriate permissions.

Note: permissions inherited form a parent page will be greyed out. To remove these permission click disinherit. Make the appropriate amendments, and click update..

Cascading changes

To force permissions down to child pages, click cascade.

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