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Using Access Keys

Using Access Keys

To allow end users to create Access Keys for available URLs, add the Access Keys element to the page or template.

Access Keys Element

1. Drag and drop the Access Keys element onto the template:

Access keys element icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented: 

Access keys element labels screenshot v7

3. Edit/Configure:


Enter an appropriate heading for the Access Keys element on the page.

Help Text

Enter instructions for users on how to create Access Keys.

Save Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the save button.

Update message

Enter an appropriate message advising the end user that the Access Key has been successfully updated.

Key Restriction Error Message

Enter a message to be displayed if the user attempts to select a restricted key. 

Creating Access Keys

When an end user visits a page containing the Access Keys element, the following view will be presented:

Access keys in use screenshot
The user can then enter a character which will act as Access Key to an individual page.