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Viewing site analytics

Viewing site analytics

Viewing analytics information for the site using the Tracking tile on the Administration start page. For example: 
Tracking tile example

Enable Analytics API

In order for Google Analytics to return data to Easysite, the Analytics API must be enabled.

1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/apis/

2. Login and select the website project.

3. Go to Library.

4. In the Library of APIs, locate the Analytics API. Click on this API and click Enable.


To view site analytics go to Administration -> Customise.

1. Drag and drop the Tracking tile:

Tracking tile icon
2. Configure the tile. The following view will be presented:
Tracking tile configuration

3. Edit/configure:

Analytics data set  

Select whether to view keyword data, overall site metrics or information on where users came from. 

Days to Show  

Enter an appropriate number of days.

Note that the availability of data may be limited by the number of days for which visits are logged, as configured in System -> Configuration. 

Tile colour         

Select the appropriate option. 


Select the appropriate option.

4. Click Save.