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Creating New Banner Campaigns

Creating New Banner Campaigns

A banner campaign consists of a selection of banners. The campaign is then displayed on a page. 

Add New Campaign

To create a new  banner campaign go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Banner, and select Add New Campaign. The following view will be presented:

Banner management campaign details screenshot v7

1. Edit/Configure:


Enter an appropriate title for the campaign.


Enter an appropriate description for the campaign.


Check to make the campaign active. This allows the campaign to be added to the page.

Global Campaign

If required check to make the campaign global. This allows the campaign to added to other sites.


If the campaign is global select an appropriate category for the campaign. For information on associating categories, see Global Configuration.   

2. Select Save to save the new banner campaign or Cancel to exit configuration without saving changes.  

Editing a Banner Campaign

To edit an existing banner campaign go Administration -> Modules -> Banners. The following view will be presented: 

Banner management search for campaigns screenshot v7

Click on the name of the appropriate campaign. Edit the fields as detailed above. 

Delete a Banner Campaign

Check to the delete option for the appropriate campaign, and select Save Selections.

Note: a confirmation message will be presented.

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