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Creating and Managing Blogs

Creating and Managing Blogs

Manage Blogs

Go to Administration -> Modules -> Blogging. The following view will be presented: 

Manage Blogs screenshot

Hide Auto-Generated Blog       

The BuildSocial module allows Registered Users to create their own blogs in Easysite. If required, check to hide these blogs from the list of administrator created blogs.

Create a New Blog

1. Go to Administration  -> Modules -> Blogging and select Create a New Blog. The following view will be presented:

Create new blog configuration screenshot

2. Edit/Configure:   

Blog title    

Enter an appropriate title for the blog.    

Blog description   

Enter an appropriate description of the blog  

Publish blog    

Check in order to display the blog on a page. Alternatively, uncheck this box to remove a blog from a page.   

Default display mode  

Set the default date range for blogs to be displayed on the blog page  – select current day, current month or most recent posts. This setting relates to the 'number of posts' fields detailed below.    

Number of posts to display in display area

The Display area is the main area of the Blog page. Select to show all posts for the current day, current month or enter a specific number of posts to appear in the display area. Older or higher numbered posts will appear in a 'Recent Posts' list in the right hand navigation of the module. 

Number of posts to display in ‘recent posts’   

Recent posts are listed in the right hand navigation of the module. Enter the number of posts to appear in the list. Posts older than those appearing in the Recent Posts list will appear in a seperated Older Posts list in the right hand navigation of the module.    

Archive/older posts display mode   

Older Posts are those not listed in the display area or recent posts. Select whether older/archived posted are to be displayed in a separate right hand navigation or as part of the main page.  

Examples of the Display area, Recent and Older Posts can be seen here:


If users have avatars, select an appropriate display size from the list of custom asset sizes.   

Fixed asset-size in posts  

If required, check to predetermine the size of any asset added to a post.

Note: if this option is selected, chose and appropriate custom asset size for assets

Comment moderation mode

Select the appropriate option.

Contributors can edit all posts

By default a blogger can only edit their own posts. If this option is selected users with a write permission for the module can edit any post.

Blog published URL

Enter the URL of the page where the blog is to be displayed. This URL is required when creating lists of entries which link back to the blog, for example the Blog Summary element.

Moderate trackbacks

Trackbacks are method for one site to advise another of changes to content. For example if a blog entry on an Easysite website is referenced in another blog, this reference will be added to the Easysite blog as a comment. Trackback require an update to the stylesheets in order to function correctly. For further information please contact your account manager.

3. Click Save.

Edit a Blog

To edit an existing blog go to Administration -> Modules -> Blogging. The following view will be presented:

Manage Blogs screenshot

1. Select the appropriate blog and configure the fields as detailed above.

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