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Creating and Managing Portlets

Creating and Managing Portlets

A Portal Page is comprised of a number of Portlets. Each Portlet contains one or more template elements.

Create new Portlet

1. Go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> buildportal.

2. Select Create New Portlet. The following view will be created:

Build portal module create new portlet screenshot v7

3. Edit/Configure:

Portlet Title

Enter a label for the portlet

Portlet Description

Enter an appropriate description for the portlet.

Title-text URL

If required click Change to make the title into a link to an internal page.


If required, check to allow the end user to collapse the portlet.

Note: if this option is selected the following option is exposed:

Buildportal module collapse screenshot v7

Select an appropriate initial state for the portlet.


Check to allow the portlet to be added to portal page

Your page subscription

Select the appropriate option.

Note: if the Publish option is selected, the administrator will be prompted to select an appropriate RSS feed.

4. Click Save Portlet Details. The following view will be presented:

Buildportal module edit portlet structure screenshot v7

5. Drag and drop the appropriate template elements in order to populate the portlet with content. The following elements are unique to the Buildportal module:

  • Portlet SubscriptionsAllows end users to manage their subscriptions to feeds.
  • Portlet TabCreate collapsible tabs within a Portlet, allowing end users to select the content they want to see.

Editing a Portlet

To edit an exisitng portlet go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> buildportal. The following view will be presented:

Buildportal module manage portal options screenshot v7

1. Click to select the appropriate portlet, and edit the details or the content as detailed above.

Deleting a Portlet        

1. Check to delete the appropriate portlets(s).

2. Select Save Portlet Selections.                                     

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