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Create buildsocial Instances

Create buildsocial Instances

Go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> buildsocial. The following view will be presented:

BuildSocial module user guide instances screenshot v7

Create New Instance

1. Click Create New Instance. The following view will be presented:

Build Social module user guide instance screenshot v7

2. Edit/Configure:   


Enter a title for this instance of buildsocial    

Root Page   

Click change to select a root page. buildsocial pages will be created as children of this page.  


Click change to select a template for the buildsocial pages. Note: the following template elements are available for use with the buildsocial element:

DataStore single record view. This element is usually added to all buildsocial pages, as it allows end users to populate their details via a simple form. For more information see the DataStore help article.

Asset Browser (User Gallery View)




Note when adding the DataStore Single record View element, the following view will be presented: 

BuildSocial module  record view screenshot

Check Create New Record when Page Created and the select the appropriate view. This ensures that when an end user creates a page using buildsocial, a new blank DataStore record is created for the user to populate.


From  the dropdown list select the appropriate page style for the user generated pages. 

Pages Expire

If required, check if the user generated pages are to expire.

Note: If selected, the following option will be presented:

BuildSocial module life cycle screenshot

Enter the appropriate expiration period.

3. Click Save Changes.

4. Check to mark the instance as active, and the click Save Selections. 

Edit an Existing Instance

Go to Administration  -> Modules -> buildsocial/strong>l. The following view is presented:

BuildSocial exsiting instances screenshot

1. Select the appropriate instance and configure the module as required.

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