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Creating a buildsocial Section Within the Site

Creating a buildsocial Section Within the Site

Create an appropriate page within the site.

buildsocial Page Creator Element

Drag and drop the buildsocial Page Creator element onto the template:

BuildSocial icon v7

1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

BuildSocial module page creator screenshot v7

2. Edit/Configure:

buildsocial Instance 

From  the drop down list select the appropriate instance of buildsocial.  

Display Page in Navigation          

If required, check  to add the page to the main site navigation.

Set as User's Post-Login Page    

If this option is checked a user who creates a buildsocial page will be automatically redirected there after future logins.

Field Label                    

When creating a buildsocial page the user is presented with a field where they can enter a title for their page. Create appropriate text for a label/introduction for this field.

Display Meaningful URL     

By default, Easysite will create a URL for the page that matches the page title. If required, check to expose a meaningful URL field. This allows the end user to create a URL.

Must enter Page Summary 

Check to expose a text area. This allows the page creator to enter a page summary.

Button Asset 

If required, click browse to open the asset manager and select an icon for the ‘Create Page’ button.

Display Specific Tab  

If the buildsocial template contains tabs, check to identify the the initial tab to display.

Note: if this option is selected enter an appropriate tab number.

Additional Query String 

If required, create an additional query string. If the page is accessed from search results or an internal link, the querystring will be actioned.  

Use URL shortcuts     

If required, check to create a URL shortcut to the page. This will append the URL directly to the domain name of the site, and exclude any parent pages from the URL.

Note: if the URL shortcuts option is selected, enter an optional prefix for the shortcut.

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