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Manage Cookie Consent

Manage Cookie Consent

Configuring general Cookie Consent settings such as messages presented by the module. To configure the Cookie Consent Module go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Cookie Consent. The following view will be presented:  

Cookie consent module manage cookie consent general tab screenshot v7



1. Edit/configure:




Enter an appropriate title for the Cookie Consent Message


Enter an appropriate message for display when a user visits the site.

Acceptance Statement

Enter the statement to be presented with the accept check box.

Acceptance Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the acceptance button. This button is presented below the acceptance statement and checkbox.

Checked by Default

If required check to preselect the acceptance checkbox. 

Validation Message

Enter an appropriate validation message. This message is presented if the user clicks the acceptance button without checking to accept cookies.

Page for Non-Java Script Users

Click change to select an appropriate page. This page will contain an additional element, and will be used to set user preferences if Java is not enabled on their machine..

Enable cookie blocking

if required, check to automatically block all non-essential Easysite cookies if the user does not check to consent.

Note: this option blocks only Easysite cookies. It has no impact on any third party cookies, such as Google Analytics tracking code.

2. Click Save.


If Enable Cookie Blocking is selected, and a user does not consent to cookies the functionality of certain Easysite elements may be impaired. This includes the following elements: 

·         Access Keys

·         Asset Browser and Basket

·         Blog

·         Buildportal

·         Decision tree

·         Login

The Usage tab allows the administrator to create a message which is presented when the user visits a page containing one of these elements. The message alerts the user that functionality on the page may not operate correctly without cookies – another prompt and invitation to subsequently accept cookies.

1. Select Usage. The following view will be presented:

Cookie consent module manage cookie consent usage tab screenshot v7

2. Edit/configure:

Element Uses Cookies Warning Message

Enter an appropriate message.

3. Click Save.



Tracking contain a record of anonymous users who have consented via the module:

Cookie consent tracking