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Configuring Target Templates

Configuring Target Templates

On the target site(s) go to Administration -> Design -> Templates.


1. Select the appropriate template and click content. The following view will be presented:

Administration content templates content screenshot v7

2. Drag and drop the Article Consumer element onto the template:

Article consumer element icon v7

3. Configure the element. the following view will be presented:

Article consumer element configuration screenshot v7

4. Edit/configure:

Originating Location

No configuration is required.

Container ID

Enter the unique identifier for the article element to be consumed.

Note: that this Container ID must match the Article Panel - Identifier added when configuring the source template.

Show unavailable page message

Check if required.

Inject Container Page Canonical Link

Canonicals are used in the event of duplicate content, and advise search engines where the original source content is located. If required, check to add the the URL of the consumed content as the canonical link.


1. Select the appropriate template and click rules. The following view will be presented:

Template rules publishing location v7

2. Check to Restrict Publishing Location, and click Change to select an appropriate parent page.

Template categories

Target templates should be added to a single Template Category.

Note: Create a child category of a main category. Add the templates to be used for Cross Site Publication to the child category.

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