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Displaying DataStore Records

Displaying DataStore Records


Activating a DataStore

Before records can be displayed on a page, the appropriate DataStore must be made active. To make a DataStore active go to Administration -> Modules -> DataStore. The following view will be presented:

DataStore module DataStores screenshot v7

1. Check to make the appropriate DataStore active, and click update.

Displaying DataStore Records on a Page

The following elements may be used to display DataStore records:

  • DataStore Simple SearchThe DataStore Simple Search element creates a search element, which can search DataStore records displayed on a designated page.
  • DataStore Single Record ViewThe DataStore Single Record View element is used to display one record from a DataStore. This element is typically used when DataStore is utilised to populate another module.
  • DataStore Filtered Record ListThe Data Store Filtered Record List element presents an unordered list of links to pages, where the pages contain a Data Store Single Record View element.
  • DataStore Record SearchThe Data Store Record Search element allows users to search for Data Store records from within EasySite pages. This element is available when Data Store is installed in EasySite, and when the current site has at least one active Data Store instance.
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