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DataStore Long Text Element

DataStore Long Text Element

Long text Element 

Selecting the Long Text element presents the following view:

DataStore module user guide data type screenshot v7

1. Edit/configure:

Default Render Control    

Select the appropriate option.

Default Edit Control

Select the appropriate option.

Note: if Content Editor is selected the following Settings options are available:

DataStore module user guide look up value 4 screenshot v7

Check the appropriate option(s).

Default Value

Select the appropriate option.

Note: Selecting Specific value allows the administrator to enter a Default Value for the field.

Note: Selecting Look-up allows the administrator to pre-populate the field from either page or user information.

Include in Keyword Search

Check if required.

Show as Search Field

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected the following fields are exposed:

DataStore module element show as search field configuration screenshot v7

Search control

Select the appropriate option

Note: Selecting Free text creates a text box for the user to enter a search term.

Selecting Distinct Values creates a dropdown list of search options derived from data in the record. For example, if the element is used for capturing ‘Name’, the dropdown list will contain the names from each record.

Selecting Shared List allows for the presentation of a pre-defined list of search terms created via a shared list. Click Settings to select an appropriate shared list.

Value Comparison Mode

Select the type of search to be undertaken.

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