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Edit Path

Edit Path


The path determines the layout and relationship of the Nodes - questions and results -as displayed on the page.

Adding a Node to the Path

To add a Node go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Decision Tree. Select the appropriate Decision Tree and click Edit Path. The following view will be presented:

Decision tree module user guide manage installed mode screenshot v7

Œ1. Drag and drop the nodes to create the path. Dragging a Question Node presents the following view:

Decision tree module user guide tree path screenshot v7

2. Drag and drop the relevant result nodes to the appropriate location:

Decision tree module user guide edit decision tree path screenshot v7

Note once all nodes have been placed the path can be edited.

Clear Path

This option removes all nodes from the path.

Expand/Collapse All Nodes

This option will expand or collapse any points in the path that consist solely of results nodes.

Note: once the path has been populated select Save, and then Back.

Making a Decision Tree Active

To make a Decision Tree active go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Decision Tree. Check to make the appropriate Decision Tree active, and click Save Selections.

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