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Location Selector

Location Selector

This element allows the user to find an address on an interactive map provided by 3rd party services, such as Bing and Google, and returns the location to a directory entry. Users can return a full address by either entering parts of an address or finding a location on the interactive map:

Location selector directory example

Location Selector Element

          1. Drag and drop the Location Selector element into the appropriate location:

Location select element icon
          2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:
Location selector plugin element configuration

         3. Edit/Configure:          


Enter a label for the Field, such as 'Location'. This is presented to end users.      

Must be filled in   

If required, check to make plotting the entry via a mapping provider mandatory.  

Show in Detail Page    

Check to display the map when an end user clicks through to view the full record for the entry.   

Summary page options  

Select whether the map is included in the initial search results view of the Directory. This is typically set to do not show.    

Listing page options   

Select whether the map is presented if the Directory is displayed as a list. This is typically set to do not show.            

Provide as Search Option   

Select this option to enable a postcode search by the end user.

Show multi-record search summary

Check to show all matches, listed by proximity.

Show key/value pair

If required check to display the field label next to the map.

Postcode search label

Enter an appropriate label for the postcode search box. This could be 'postcode' or 'enter your postcode'.

Enforce UK postcode search

If required, check to prevent international postal codes being searched.

Location summary

Select whether to include the distance from the search postcode in the search results.

Location summary address type

Select the required option.

Geocoding address service

Plotting a location via the mapping selector comprises two transactions: generating co-ordinates for the location and then plotting the location on a map. Select the provider to be used for generating the co-ordinates.

Note: if Google Geo-coding Service is selected ensure the following URL is displayed: 


Map Display Service

Select the required mapping provider.

Map Sizes

Enter the required sizes in pixels for the maps presented on the input, search results and detail page screens.