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Adding a Directory to a Page

Adding a Directory to a Page

Making a directory active

Before a directory can be added to a page, it must be made active. To make a directory active go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Directory:

Directory builder screenshot v7

1. Select the appropriate directory, and check ‘Active’

2. Click Save Selections.

Directory element

Drag and Drop the Directory element into the appropriate location:

Directory element icon

1. Configure the element:

Directory element configuration

2. Edit/configure:

Render Method

Select the appropriate option.

Keyword Search Label

If required, enter a term to replace the word ‘Keyword’ in the search pane.


Select required directory from the drop down list .


Select All Categories to display the full directory. Alternatively, Select a specific category to display the relevant entries only.

QueryString prefix

Enter an appropriate prefix.

Hide All Search Options

Removes all search facilities from this instance of the directory.

Search Form Placement

Select the appropriate option.

Initial display

Select Show Search Options Only to force the user to search for records. Alternatively, select Show All Records and Search Options to show a full list of records, which is truncated as the user performs a search.

Show Advanced Search Fields

Check to expose dedicated search fields for elements marked as show in search.

Show Category Selector

Renders any categories associated with the directory as a dropdown list.

Expand Entries to Full Screen

If the directory is located within a column this option expands the Details page to full screen size.

Expand Search results to full screen

If the directory is located within a column this option expands the Search results to full screen size.

Directory Heading

Create a bespoke heading for this instance of the directory.

No results message

Create a bespoke no results message for this instance of the directory.

A to Z Filtering of Records

Check if required.

Note: the A to Z filtering is not a search option in itself. It acts purely to truncate an existing list of search results.

Records Per Page

Enter the number of records to be displayed before matching records are paginated.

Order Direction

Select the appropriate option.

Order by Column

Select the element results are to be initially sorted by.

Allow Column Sorting

Check if required. This option disables any ‘Order Records by this Field’ settings for a directory element.

Back button label

If required enter a custom label for the back button.

Hide Add Record Button

If required, check to hide the ‘add record’ button from all users.

Allow Add to Selected Category Only

Check to add new entries to category selected in Directory Selection.


Select the appropriate option.

Note: Allow Inline Management presents add and edit record options to groups with write permissions for the directory.

Allow Inline Management To All gives add and edit record options to all public users.

User Can Modify Featured Item Setting

Check if required.

Note: featured item status boosts the records ranking the site search results.

Users Can Set Expiration Date

Check if required.

System Category Filter

Create a bespoke list of searchable entries by filtering by page category.