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Discussion Forum List Layout

Discussion Forum List Layout

The List Layout presents a list of topics and associated responses, for example
Discussion forum list view


1. Configure the Discussion Forum page element. The following view will be presented:

Discussion forum module element configuration list layout screenshot v7

2. Edit/Configure:

Topic Layout

Select List

Initial Board

Select the appropriate board for display.

Topic Descriptions

If required, check to display topic descriptions.

Allow Users to Delete their Own Posts

Check if required.

Allow Users to Edit their Own Posts

Check if required.

Show Message Author As

Select the appropriate option.

Select Moderator Group

the appropriate Moderator Group. If the board is moderated members of this group will receive email notification of submissions requiring moderation. If the board is not moderated this group will receive notification of post reported as inappropriate by other users.

Select Topic Creator Group

If users will not be creating topics, nominate a group who may do so..

Avatar Size

Select the appropriate option.

Show Custom Reply Button

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected enter appropriate button text.

Use Topic For Page Title

Check if required.

Search Panel

If required, check to add a search function to the board.

Show Message Body In Search Results

Check if required.

Show Paging Within Topics

Check if required.

Page Size

Enter an appropriate number of post to be displayed before pagination.

Email-a-Friend Link

Check if required.

New Message Email Notification Text

Enter appropriate text for an email advising administrators of new posts.

Note: to receive this notification personal preferences must be set. 

User Can Subscribe to A Board

Check if required.

User Can Subscribe to A Topic

Check if required.

User Can Subscribe to A Thread

Check if required.