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General Configuration

General Configuration

Configuring the general configuration of the Discussion Forum module such as label text, email a friend settings and enabling screen names for users

General Configuration

To configure the Discussion Forum Module go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Discussion Forums. The following options will be presented:

Discussion Forum Your Options screenshot v7

1. Select General Configuration:

Discussion Fourm module general configuration general appearance screenshot v7

2. Edit/configure:

Display Date Time of Posts

Select to show the date of the post and/or the time which has elapsed since the post.

Display 'Posted By' in Topic List

Check if required.

Reply-Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the reply button.

Edit-Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the edit button.

Validate-Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the validate button.

Delete-Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the delete button.

Button Placement

Select whether the buttons are located above or to the right of the post.

Discussion forum module general configuration email a friend settings screenshot v7

Email a Friend is Active

Email a Friend allows Forum users to recommend posts of other. if required, check to enable this functionality.

Send as HTML

Check if required.

Email-A-Friends Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the Email-A-Friend button

Help/Introductory Text

Enter appropriate text which will be displayed when an end user clicks the email a friend option.

Email Subject

Enter an appropriate subject line for the email a friend email.

Email Body text

Enter appropriate body text for the email a friend email.

Discussion forum module general configuration user preferences screenshot v7

Allow Rich-Text Editing

If required, check to allow users to apply rich text editing to posts.

Allow Alternate Screen Name

Check if required.

Note: the end user may select Preferences to create an alternate screen name.

Prevent Duplicate Alternative Screen-Names

Check if required.

Display Organisation Names

Check if required.

Display Links to Personal Homepage

If the user has a Personal Homepage associated with their User Account, check to allow a list to this page to be presented.

Profanity Warning Message

Enter an appropriate message.

Note: this message is displayed if words entered in the Profanity Filter are used.

Discussion forum module general configuration subscription settings screenshot v7

Subscribe Text

Forum users may subscribe to boards, topics or threads (individual replies to topics) and receive email notification of new posts. Enter appropriate labels for the Subscribe buttons.

Unsubscribe Text

Enter an appropriate label text.

Discussion Forum module general configuration subscroption form introduction screenshot v7

Subscription Form Introduction Text

Enter appropriate text to be displayed on screen when a user subscribes.

Email Confirmation Text

Enter appropriate text for a subscription confirmation email.

New Post Notification Text

Enter appropriate text for the email notifying subscribers of new posts.

Show Subscribe to Topic in Topic List

If required, check to expose the Subscribe button when viewing the list of topics.

Subscribe to Topic Button Placement

Select the appropriate option.

3. Click Save.