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Create new Course

Create new Course

The eLearning module allows administrators to create Courses. Courses are then subdivided into modules.


To create a new course go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> eLearning.

1. Click add new course. The following view will be presented:

eLearning create new course screenshot v7

1. Edit/Configure: 


Enter an appropriate name for the course. 


Enter an appropriate description for the course and its content.


If required, select an appropriate cover image for the course. 


Select an appropriate status.

Note: Active makes the course live, and tracks users' progress.

in design creates a test mode for the course, where progress is not tracked. This allows the administrator to retake the course during the development process..

Restrict to Groups

If required, select the group(s) eligible to participate in the course. If a user not in a selected group attempts to access the course, an on screen message is presented advising that the user is ineligible to take the course.

2.Click Save.

3. If required, edit the following Options:

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