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Module Results

Module Results

The Module Results slide presents the outcome of the Module. it is usually the last slide added to the Module. For example:
eLearning results slide example

Select an eLearning Slide Template

1. Select the Module Results slide. The following view will be presented:

eLearning Module Results slide configuration screenshot v7

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate name for the slide.


Enter an appropriate on screen title for the slide.

Pass text

Enter appropriate text to be displayed if the user passes the module.

Fail text

Enter appropriate text to be displayed if the user fails the module.

Other text

Pass and Fail scores do not have to be consecutive. For example, a pass scorre could be three and the fail score could be one. If required, add text which will be presented if the users' score falls between that Pass and Fail scores.

Show score

Select twhether the users score will be displayed on screen and the format the score should be presented in.


If required, click Browse to select an appropriate asset to illustrate the slide.

Asset align

Select the appropriate option.

3. Click Save.

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