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Creating a Campaign


A Campaign is an email newsletter created in the Newsletter provider and distributed to each member of a selected List. Campaigns may be sent within Easysite.

Create a new campaign

To create a  new campaign go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Email Newsletters.


1. Click Create a new campaign. The following view will be presented:

Create new campaign

2. Edit/configure:


Select the list of recipients who are to receive the campaign.


Enter a subject line for the email the recipients will receive, for example: Resource Centre update.

From Address

Enter the address the email will show as sent from. Note: this email address does not have to be associate with the site, but does need to be a valid email address

From Name

Enter the name the email will show as coming from.

Track Clicks and Opens

if required, check to enable reporting for the campaign.

3. Click Next:

Eamil news letter content

Easysite contains a look up function to add Easysite content to the email newsletter template. To add Easysite content Add Page Content for the Main section of the site. The following view will be presented:

Email newsletters content picker

 5. Select the Easysite page to be referenced in the email newsletter:

Email newsletters configure content look up

6. Edit/configure:

Include Images

If required check to include an image from the Easysite page in the email newsletter.


If required, check to use the Page Avatar as the image for the page link. Note: an Avatar is added to the page via the General tab on the editing ribbon bar.

Note: if the page being linked does not have an associated Avatar, the first image on the page will be displayed instead.


Select an appropriate Image Size for the image.


Select whether to show the image to the left or right of page information in the email.

Link image to page

If required, check to make the image a clickable link to the page being referenced in the email newsletter.

Trailing link text

The page being referenced in the mail it not in itself as a clickable link. The allow users to click through to the page enter linking text such as "read more". This text then becomes a link to the URL of the page.


If required show additional text to describe and introduce the page being referenced. This text can be the page description which as added via the General tab on the editing ribbon bar or the page content itself.


if required add a character limit for the text describing the page.

7. Repeat as required.

8. Click Finished. The following view will be presented:

Send test email
9. Enter an email address to send a test version of the email newsletter, and click Send Test. Alternatively, click Send Campaign Now to send the finalised email newsletter.