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Donations of a fixed amount may be created as standard eShop Products. Alternatively the Variable Form Product Element may be used to allow end users to set the amount of the donation. For example:

Variable donation example

Variable Form Product element

To allow a variable donation amount create a Form. Drag and drop the Variable Form Product element onto the form: 

Variable Product element example
     1. Configure the element:
Variable Form Product element configuration screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the element.

Must Be Filled In

Check if required.

Show In Detail Page

If required, check to include the element in the summary view when managing responses.

Show In Summary

If required, check to include the element in the detail view when managing responses.

Purchaseable Products

Click Add to select the appropriate eShop product.

Note: Donations require a zero cost product in order to store donations against.

Use costs from

Select the appropriate option.

Note to allow the end user to set a donation amount select From a value the user supplies.

Cost List

If required, select Add to manually enter a product cost.

Show Gift Aid Checkbox

Check if required.

Show High Rate Tax Checkbox

Check if required.

Product Label

Enter an appropriate label.

Cost Label

Enter an appropriate label.

Gift Aid Label

Enter an appropriate label.

High Rate Tax Label

Enter an appropriate label.

3. To incorporate the Form into the eShop, configure the Form element and select the Basket Page for the Redirect Upon Form Submission option.