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eShop for non-authenticated users

eShop for non-authenticated users

By default eShop is available for logged in users. However, the Faux Registration element allows users who are not logged in to purchase products. The element allows the user to enter basic personal information which is retained only in relation to the order. For example: 

Faux registration example

Donation Faux Registration element

To allow Faux Registration create a Form. Drag and drop the Donation Faux Registration element onto the form: 

Faux regsitration element icon
     1. Configure the element:
Faux registration element configuration

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the element, for example 'Your details'.

Must Be Filled In

Check if required.

Show In Detail Page

If required, check to include the element in the detail view when managing form responses.

Show In Summary

If required, check to include the element in the results view when managing responses.

Allow user to impersonate for security

To allow the user to access restricted content click Change to select an existing user. The permissions equivalent to those of the existing user will be granted to the registrant for the period of the transaction. A guest user account is typically create for this purpose.

Note: Donations require a zero cost product in order to store donations against.

Require Title

Check if required. 

Custom Title List 

If required, select Add to manually enter a list of titles for the user to select from.

Require Role

Check if required. 

Custom Role List 

If required, select Add to manually enter a list of roles for the user to select from.    

3. To incorporate the Form into the eShop, configure the Form element and select the next stage of the eShop process - for example the Billing Address page - for the Redirect Upon Form Submission option.