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eShop Products

eShop Products

Adding and editing e-Shop Products.

Add a Product

To add a product to an eShop to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> eShop. The following view will be presented:

EShop module manage eshop active shops screenshot

1. Click Edit Products -> Add. The following view will be presented:

eShop module manage erShop edit product new product screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Product type

Select the appropriate option.


Enter an appropriate product name.

Product Code

Enter an appropriate product code.

Short description

If required, enter an appropriate short description for the product this may be exposed to end users.

Default Product Page

If a page has been created manually for the product, click Change to select the appropriate page.

Thumbnail Image

Click Browse to select an appropriate image from the Asset Manager.


Check if required.

Item Cost

Enter a cost for the item

Shipping cost

Enter a cost for shipping.


Enter the weight of the item.

Product Catalogs

A Catalog is a list of related products. If appropriate, check to add the item to a Catalog.

Purchase Actions

A Purchase Action is an action which will be undertaken once the transaction is complete. Click Add Action to add actions appropriate to the product type:

Order Note: appends a note to the order

Add User to Group: this option is used when selling subscriptions - the user is buying membership of a group.

Set User As Valid: used in conjunction with Add User to Group, this option validates the user as a member of the group.

3. Click Save. Alternatively, if the product page is to be auto generated, click Save and create product page.

Edit a Product

To edit an existing product go to Administration -> Modules -> eShop.

1. Click Edit Products. Click on the name of the appropriate product, and edit as detailed above. 

Delete a Product

To edit an existing product go to Administration -> Modules -> eShop.

1. Click Edit Products. Check to select the appropriate product, and click Delete Selected Products.

Note: deleting a product does not delete the associated product page. The action must be undertaken manually.


The following Options are available: