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eShop User Journey

eShop User Journey

The eShop module allows the administrator to create a bespoke user journey. A linked series pages - each containing a dedicated element - defines the user journey once the user has clicked Checkout.

eShop Elements

The following elements should be configured in order to define the user journey:

  • eShop module mini basket element icon Mini BasketThe Mini Basket element may be added to any page or template and displays the current contents of the users' shopping basket to displayed, together with a link to the basket so the user may checkout.
  • eShop view basket element icon eShop View BasketThe eShop View Basket element generates the Basket for the eShop.
  • eShop module shipping selector page element icon Shipping SelectorThe Shipping Selector presents the appropriate shipping options to the user.
  • eShop module address editor element icon Address EditorThe Address Editor allows the user to enter a Billing or Shipping address when completing their order.
  • `eshop payment interface element icon eShop Payment InterfaceThe Payment Interface allows the user to enter card details in order to process their payment.
  • eShop module view order receipt element icon View Order ReceiptThe View Order Receipt element displays the customers order details once payment has been taken.
  • eshop module customer orders element icon eShop Customer Orders The Customer Orders element displays all orders for the current customer.