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Event Booking element

Event Booking element

The Event Booking element is used in conjunction with the Variable Product element to allow end users to purchase access to Events.

Booking element

Drag and drop the Event Booking element on to the form:

Event booking element icon

1. Configure the element:

Event booking element configuration

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the element, for example: event name.    

Must Be Filled In    

If required check to make the field mandatory.

Show in Detail Page    

Check to show the contents of this field when viewing the complete form submission.

Show in Summary    

If required, check to exposed the data from this field when reviewing the Results view of the form.    

Event Session    

Select the calendar containing the event, and click Change to select the required event.

User Ineligible Message    

Enter a message to be displayed to users not in a nominated group or groups for the event.

Allow historical booking


If required, checked to allow users to book onto past events. This option could be used for board meetings to ensure that a list of attendees is accurate.

Add user as a confirmed attendee for the event.


Check if required.

Read the event and session from the page Query String.


Check allow population of event data.