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To add events to an instance of Events go to Administration -> Add -> Modules -> Events.

1. Select the appropriate Events instance. The following view will be presented:

Configure events screenshot v7

2. Click Add. The following view will be presented:

Events add screenshot v7


3. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate title for the event.


If required enter an appropriate code for the event, for example a course number.


If required enter an appropriate description for the event.


If required click Browse to select an appropriate image for the event from the Asset Manager.

Link text

If required a containing more detailed event information may be created. The link to this page may presented to the user as part of the event details, or the Event element may be set to redirect to this page when an event is clicked on. If this option is to be utilised enter appropriate linking text.

Link to page

Click Choose to select an appropriate page for the Link text to link to.

All day

If required, check to indicate that the event is an all day event.

Start date

Enter an appropriate starting date and time for the event.

End date

Enter an appropriate end date and time for the event.


If the event is to repeat in the calendar select the appropriate rules.

4. Configure the following additional tabs:

  • InformationThe information tab allows the event creator to complete any additional fields created via the template.
  • SchedulingScheduling tab allows system users to manage when an Event appears in a calendar and when it is removed.
  • ContactContact allows system users to assign a contact for an event.
  • CategoriesCategories allows system users to associate or more categories with the event, which can then be used as a filter in order to display related events together in a calendar
  • BookingBooking allows system users to set rules in regard to booking, such as event capacity and the group event attendees are to be added to.
  • LocationLocation allows the location of an event to be added. If the Location Selector plugin is installed the location may be plotted on an interactive map.
  • AttendanceIf Booking has been implemented, Attendance allows an administrator to view and download a list of event attendees.
  • PermissionsBy default, Events inherit permissions from the calendar. However, permissions may be varied on a per event basis.
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