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Booking allows system users to set rules in regard to booking, such as event capacity and the group that event attendees are to be added to.


To configure booking option for an event go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Events.

1. Select the appropriate instance and either select the required event or Add a new event.

2. Select Booking. The following view will be presented:

Events booking screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:

Allow Booking

If required, check to allow end users to book onto this event. Users in the appropriate group(s) will then be presented with an Attend this Event button when viewing the event.


Enter an appropriate value.

Capacity Warning Threshold

Enter an appropriate value.

Show Capacity

If required, check to display the event capacity to end users.

Show Attendance

If required, check to display a list of attendees to end users.

Booking Type        

Select the inline booking option. Alternatively if an external booking process has been implemented select Override Booking Page, and Choose the appropriate page.

Associated Group

Click Change to select a group users are to added to when clicking to attend the event.

Add to group as

Select to add the user a Member or an Applicant.

Note: Applicants require approval. The content of notification and approval emails may be defined if applicants option is selected.

2. Click Save.