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Configuring basic Events settings including booking processes, categories and permissions.


To configure the setup of an instance of Events go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Events.

1. Select the appropriate instance and click Options.

2. Select Setup. The following view will be presented:

Events setup screenshot v7

3. Configure the details as required.


Enter an appropriate Title for the calendar

Share across sites

If required, check to share the calendar to any micro-sites


Select the required Geo-coding and Mapping providers, in order to plot Events via a mapping service. The Geo-coding provider generates co-ordinates for a location, the mapping service then displays the location on an interactive map.

Note: Location Services may require configuration.

Note: if the Google Geo-coding service is selected a Google API key will required.

4. Configure the following functions:

  • CategoriesCategories can be used to filter Events, so that related events may be displayed together.
  • BookingBooking allows an Administrator to control which Groups - if any - may book onto Events in the calendar.
  • PermissionsDefining Permissions for the Events module. Permissions control which Groups may view and add Events to the calendar.
  • ApprovalAn Events calendar may be configured to allow end users to contribute events. In this case it is recommended that Approval - a simple workflow - is implemented to allow Administrators to approve events before they are published.