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Views use the elements from the Events template to create alternate presentation of Event data, for example a staff view and an end user view of the event.

Add view

To create a View go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Events.

1. Select the appropriate instance and click Options.

2. Select Views and then Add. The following view will be presented:

Events  add view

All elements created via the template will be presented, and may be dragged and dropped to create an appropriate view.

Configure tab 

If required the view may be separated into tabs.

1. Click to configure the existing tab or add an additional tab. The following view will be presented:

Events templates add/configure tab screenshot v7

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the tab

Access type

Select the appropriate access for the tab:

Public shows to all users, including anonymous.

Private show shows to the event owner, users with a write permission to the calendar or event, users with Events Administrator privilege.

Administrator shows to users with Events Administrator privilege. 

3. Click Save.