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Large Calendar View

Large Calendar View

Large Calendar View displays events in a traditional calendar format. For example: 

Events large calendar view example

Summary View

Select the Large Calendar View. The following view will be presented:

Events large Calendar view configuration

1. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate title for the calendar.

Render title as

Select the header tag for the title.

Add button label

Enter appropriate text.


Select the appropriate Theme for the calendar.

Show weekends

Check if required.

Initial month/year/category

Select the appropriate option. This is typically set to the current date.

Show past events

Check if required.

Link to page not to view

A dedicated page may be created for an event. if required, check to redirect to this page when the event is selected to be viewed.

Show date picker

if required, check to expose date search options above the calendar.

Show category selector

Categories may be used to filter events. if required check to expose a dropdown list of categories.