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Radio Buttons

Radio Buttons

This element creates a question and allows the user to select an answer list of radio buttons. A typical result of Radio Buttons on a web page is:

Forms module radio buttons screen example screenshot v7

Radio Buttons Form Element

1. Drag and drop the Radio Buttons element into the appropriate location:

Forms radio button icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be displayed:

Forms - Radio buttons.PNG

3. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate question

Friendly Label

If required, enter a Friendly label to be presented to an end user.

Aria label  

If required, enter an Aria Label, which is read out by assistive technology such as a screen reader.


Select whether the question and answers are displayed in two separate columns, or whether the answers sit under the question as rows in a single column.


If required, check to make completion of the field mandatory.

Mandatory Validation Message

Enter an appropriate message. 

Use List

If required, select a Shared List to populate the list of available answers.

Show As

Select if the element and the responses are to render in the Records view when managing responses. If the element is to display select whether or not is displays as a link to full response.


If required, check to make responses orderable by this element.

Include in Keyword Search

If required, check to make the element searchable.

Provide as Search Option

If required, check to provide a dedicated search option for this field.

4. Click Add Answers. The following view will be presented:

Forms element drop down box add answers screenshot v7

Item Label

Enter an appropriate answer.

Default Answer?

if required, check to have the answer pre-selected.        

5. Click Add after each answer. Once a list of appropriate answers has been created, click Ok.            

Change Answer               

Drop Down list, Radio Buttons and Check Boxes are interchangeable. Click into the Type Tab  to reformat the question and answers to the appropriate option.