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Adding a Form to a Page

Adding a Form to a Page

Activating a Form

Before a form may be added to a page it must be made active. To activate a form go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Forms. The following view will be presented:

Forms module activate a form v7

1. Check to make the appropriate form active

Form Module Page Element

1. Drag and drop the Forms element to to the page or template:

Forms module element icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Forms screenshot - version

3. Edit/configure:   



Select the appropriate Form.    

Reference Name   

The Forms module generates a notification email when a form is submitted. If required, enter an appropriate reference name for the email, this reference name appears in the subject line of the email.  

Redirect on Form Submission

If required, click Change to select a page to be presented once the form is submitted.

Form Browser Page

If a Form Browser is being used to manage responses, select the appropriate page.

Enable Client Validation

If required, displays the custom Mandatory Validation Message.


Notification Method

By default, there is a single list of recipients for the notification email. If required, select Answer Based to allocate different recipients to each unique answer within the Dropdown element.

External recipient

If required, add the email addresses of one or more external recipients for the notification email.

Add recipients

If required, check Add Recipients to select recipients for the notification email from a list of Easysite users.

Email Respondent

If required, check to send a copy of the notification email to the individual submitting the form.

Email Options

If required, check 'To first email field' to send a copy to the first external recipient email. Check 'To all email fields' to send a copy to all external email fields.

Treat Current User as Respondent

If a logged in public or system user has submitted the form, check to send the notification email to the email address associated with their Easysite account.

Subject by Element

If required, select an element from the form in roder to display the data from this element in the subject line of the email.

Message Subject

Enter an appropriate subject for the email.

Add Form Notification Id To Subject

When a Form is submitted by an end user, and internal ID number is generated for that submission. If required, to more explicitly link confirmation emails to individual submissions, the ID can be included in the subject line of the email.

Message Body

Enter an appropriate body for the email.

Exclude form data

If required, check to hide the details of the form response from the notification email. It is recommended that this option is checked when collecting end user data, as sending personal data via email is a breach of data protection laws.

Show message body before form data

Check if required.


Submit button text

If required, enter a custom text for the submit button.

Previous button text

If required, enter a custom text for the Previous button.

Next button text

If required, enter a custom text for the Next button.

Show Reset button

Displays the Reset button.

Reset button text

If required, enter a custom text for the reset button.

Show Restart Button

Displays the Restart button.

Restart button text

If required, enter a custom text for the Restart button.

Allow Save

If required, check to allow end users to save the form for completion at a later date. By default, saved forms are stored for thirty days.

Save button text

If required enter a custom text for the save button.


Submission Workflow

Select the appropriate option.

On Submission Show Preview

If required, check to present a summary of the users' responses. The end user may then select Cancel to return to the Form, or Confirm to submit the form.


If the preview option is enabled the end user will be presented with a summary of their response, together with the options to confirm (proceed with submission) or cancel (return to the form to make amendments). Enter appropriate explanatory text for this option.

On Submission Show Confirmation Message Only

Check to hide the form after submission, and show the Confirmation message only until the page is refreshed.


Enter an appropriate confirmation message.

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