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Managing a Form

Managing a Form

To manage and update an existing Form go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Forms.

1. Select the appropriate Form and select Options:

Forms Option menu


The following Options are available.

  • GeneralEditing General Form details such as Title, Legend and Form Type.
  • TemplateAmending and configuring the Elements added to a Form.
  • PermissionsGranting access to a Form via user Permissions.
  • ReportsViewing information on the number and date of Form submissions.
  • Data ImportImporting data in CSV or XML format into a Form.
  • Data ExportExporting Data from a Form in XML or CSV format.
  • Copy FormCopying and amending an Easysite Form.


To Download a Form select Download. The structure of the Form will be exported as an XML file, which can be saved off-line.