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Adding an Item to the Glossary

Adding an Item to the Glossary

Create New Glossary Item 

To add a new item to the Glossary, select Add. The following view will be presented:

Glossary module add glossary item screenshot v7

1. Edit/Configure:


Enter an appropriate word or phrase.


If required enter an anchor. Authors may then create links to this anchor by manually adding /#[name of anchor] to the end of an internal link.

Authoritative URL     

Enter the URL of a page giving further information. 


Enter an appropriate explanation of the word or phrase.


Check to make the entry available for use on a page.


If required, check to make the entry global.

2.  Click Save.

Deleting a Glossary Item

To delete a Glossary item go to Administration -> Modules -> Glossary.

1. Check to delete the appropriate entry, and then select Save Item Selections.

Note: a confirmation message will be presented.

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