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Manage Link Items

Manage Link Items

Creating, editing or deleting individual link items. 

Add Link List Item

To add a link list item go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules ->  Link Management.

1.  Select a Link List name and click Add. The following view will be presented:

Add Link item screenshot

3.  Edit/Configure:


Enter a single line of text describing the link. Note: bold can be applied to this text if required.


Select the type of object to be linked to.


Select Choose to link to a page on the site. Alternatively, a browse option is selected to link to an asset or external URL saved as a link asset in the Asset Manager.


Check to associate the item with an appropriate Subject, in order to filter the list when viewed on a page.


If required check to schedule the Link.

Note: if this option is selected enter the dates between which the item is to be presented to end users. The Schedule will be repeated annually until changed or removed. 

4. Once the appropriate links have been created, the following view will be presented:

6.  If required, check to delete selected Links. Alternatively click Reorder Link Items to drag and drop the list into an appropriate order. Once the relevant changes have been made, click Back to return the Link Management menu.