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Manage Subjects

Manage Subjects

Subjects act as topics, by which lists of links may be filtered. Categories are used to create Subject names.

Add Subject

To add a subject go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Link Manager.

1.  Select a Link List name then go to Options -> Subjects

2.  Click Add. The following view will be presented:

Link manager add subject screenshot
Link Manager Module Manage Subjects Add Subjects Screenshot v7

3.  Edit/Configure:


Select an appropriate system category. This will be exposed as the name of the subject.

Associated Page

If required associate the subject with a page within the site. This will allow the end user to link through to this page for more information.

Associated Page Link Text

If the Associated page option is used, enter appropriate linking text.


Scheduled allows the category and its contents to be be displayed between certain dates. If required check to schedule the Subject.

Note: if this option is selected enter the appropriate start and end date, between which the Subject will be available.

5.  Click Save.

6.  If required, select Reorder Subjects to drag and drop the list into an appropriate order. Alternatively, select Back to return to the Link Management List.